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Sharpen existing and develop new thinking skills to “see the world as it is not as you wish it were”.  You will discover how organizational cultures; mental models and cognitive blinders limit individual and organizational learning essential for navigating complexity. 


Key Topics:


  • Introduction to Complexity and why you need new tools.

  • Introduction to CRISP Thinking Model – Elements & Concepts.

  • Sharpen creative & critical thinking skills through practical application.

  • Recognize your own cognitive blinders & strengthen empathy skills.

  • Practice applying CRISP Thinking concepts.

  • Instill willingness to generate & consider alternative perspectives.


Format:  This is a fast paced, condensed version of CRISP Thinking I conducted in a virtual environment.  The workshop is conducted over two days and is comprised of lecture discussions, individual and small groups exercises that incorporate active learning to instill CRISP Thinking. Practitioner-Facilitators use extensive practical examples and adult learning techniques to guide the learning of CRISP Thinking concepts and dependent skills.  Workshop size is limited to 25 participants.

CRISP Thinking 2-day Workshop | SOCOM Virtual Workshop

  • CRISP Thinking 2-day Virtual Workshop​​​​​​


    Dates:  TBD Sep, 2020

    Time:   9am - 5pm

    Location:  Virtual

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