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The true expertise and value of Xundis is its focus on enabling others to successfully apply CRISP Thinking® to existing and emergent complex phenomena across all domains.

CRISP Thinking® is NOT a process or a methodology.  CRISP is a WAY of thinking, an approach to problem solving that can be applied to all disciplines and walks of life.  It is particularly useful when confronted with problems in the complex domain, but may also be applied in other problem domains as well.  It is a foundational WAY OF THINKING that can be used in Program Management, Six Sigma, Agile, Scrum, MDMP (military decision making process) or any other formalized process.  


CRISP was invented by and for practitioners.  CRISP Thinking® roots are from systems and design thinking with a healthy dose of philosophy, sociology, psychology, economics and various other disciplines thrown in.  CRISP is truly a trans-disciplinary, non-linear mindset that breaks down traditional thinking silos and encourages alternative thinking.

CRISP is an approach to thinking about your thinking that enables innovation and problem solving in a dynamic and complex world.

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